Saturday, December 11, 2010

Types of Fobia LoL

These are phobias that actually exist. I am not making them up. But they are pretty weird, and kinda funny.

• Agyrophobia- Fear of streets or crossing the street.
• Albuminurophobia- Fear of kidney disease.
• Alektorophobia- Fear of chickens.
• Alliumphobia- Fear of garlic.
• Allodoxaphobia- Fear of opinions.
• Amathophobia- Fear of dust.• Anablephobia- Fear of looking up.
• Anthrophobia or Anthophobia- Fear of flowers.
• Arachibutyrophobia- Fear of peanut butter sticking to the roof of the mouth.
• Aulophobia- Fear of flutes.
• Bibliophobia- Fear of books
• Bogyphobia- Fear of bogeys or the bogeyman
• Chaetophobia- Fear of hair
• Chromophobia or Chromatophobia- Fear of colors
• Coulrophobia- Fear of clowns.
• Didaskaleinophobia- Fear of going to school.
• Ephebiphobia- Fear of teenagers.
• Epistemophobia- Fear of knowledge.
• Euphobia- Fear of hearing good news.
• Geliophobia- Fear of laughter.
• Geniophobia- Fear of chins.
• Genuphobia- Fear of knees.
• Hedonophobia- Fear of feeling pleasure.
• Hellenologophobia- Fear of Greek terms or complex scientific terminology.
• Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia- Fear of long words.
• Lachanophobia- Fear of vegetables.
• Linonophobia- Fear of string.
• Nephophobia- Fear of clouds.
• Nomatophobia- Fear of names.
• Octophobia - Fear of the figure 8.
• Panophobia or Pantophobia- Fear of everything.
• Papaphobia- Fear of the Pope.
• Pediophobia- Fear of dolls.
• Pedophobia- Fear of children.
• Philosophobia- Fear of philosophy.
• Phobophobia- Fear of phobias.
• Phronemophobia- Fear of thinking.
• Politicophobia- Fear or abnormal dislike of politicians.
• Pupaphobia - Fear of puppets.
• Sophophobia- Fear of learning.
• Syngenesophobia- Fear of relatives.


  1. eh ini salah satu topik subjek aku blajar sem5 ni...
    psikologi bilazim namenye...

  2. betul2 wujudkah setiap fobia di atas?

  3. wow...salah satu fobia i ad ler...thanks,..belajar something malam nie,..

  4. Agyrophobia- Fear of streets or crossing the street.

    Aku fobia tang ni.
    Sebab tu kalau nak lintas jalan ke ada yang pimpin tangan.. Uiiiii. *Romantik*

  5. aku kronik Bibliophobia- Fear of books